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Optimising your fertility through nutrition

Hi, I’m Charlotte, founder of The Fertility Kitchen, IVF mama, acupuncturist, nutrition geek and foodie.

To learn more about me read my story.

I’ve made it my mission to empower women to take control of their fertility through nutrition and lifestyle management. I am passionate about food and creating fertility-boosting recipes that celebrate real, whole foods.

The Fertility Kitchen Philosophy is based on three pillars: food, fertility and life.




I believe that food is the most powerful ingredient to create optimal fertility. We are made, cell-by-cell, from everything we eat and drink. Our reproductive system requires specific nutrients in order to function optimally and we have the ability to affect this through diet. The power lies with us!


Fertility diet


I provide practical fertility nutrition advice and delicious, easy-to-make recipes that include a wide variety of whole, fresh food. Most of my recipes are plant-based and influenced by the traditional Mediterranean diet – fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits, aromatic herbs and the bitter sweet taste of extra virgin olive oil. I’m also inspired by Indian and Thai cuisines, as I adore the flavour combinations used in these cooking styles. Read more about my food philosophy.


All of my recipes are developed with fertility in mind and I aim to make them as nutrient-rich as possible. View my latest recipes.


Nutritional coaching


For one-to-one nutritional support and advice regarding fertility, including unexplained infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, thyroid conditions, recurrent miscarriage and stress, visit my nutrition coaching page to learn more and join my waiting list.




It is my passion to encourage women to become advocates for their own fertility healthcare.


When it comes to your fertility, you can take a very active role in your treatment. Become the lead decision-maker and ask your fertility clinic or consultant to explain the rationale behind their recommendations. Ask questions, read books or articles to become better informed – you should at least be able to understand what is being done to your body so you can be fully on board with whatever treatment you – not they – choose. Staying informed is one of the most powerful things you can do for your fertility.




Acupuncture offers a great way for you to take an active role in your fertility journey. It can help address irregular periods, balance hormones, improve luteal function, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and reduce stress levels. Many women use acupuncture to support them through an IVF cycle. I run a small, thriving acupuncture clinic based in Wokingham, Berkshire. Visit my acupuncture page to learn more and find out if we are the right fit to work together.




This pillar encompasses lifestyle factors, such as movement, sleep, stress management, chemical and toxic exposure and community. I have created this pillar to help you to easily discover practical, accessible advice and guidance so that you can make the lifestyle changes required for optimal fertility.


I believe in the power of making small changes, one step at a time to take control of your fertility. Start right now!


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