coping with fertility diet overwhelm

Your doctor may have advised you to lose weight to improve your fertility or you might simply want to get healthy for natural conception or your forthcoming IVF cycle.

What does this mean?

Possibly limiting sugar and processed foods, ditching caffeine and alcohol, reducing dairy consumption, drinking more water or eating more veggies, healthy fats and protein.

This may feel daunting, especially if you need to make a lot of changes, and can lead to overwhelm.

It can even stop you from starting.

Start small, achieve a diet overhaul

You don’t have to change your whole diet overnight. This is likely to be a real challenge, even for the most dedicated of people.

I changed my diet slowly, starting with giving up sugar, I began to explore healthy alternatives and formed new habits. My body and taste buds began to adapt and it wasn’t long before I didn’t like really sweet food anymore.

I then felt comfortable to make another change, and so on. Now my diet is really good, small changes led to a complete diet overhaul, something that I wouldn’t have been able to do all at once; it would have been far too restrictive.

5 simple steps to achieving your ideal fertility diet, minus overwhelm

  1. Take your first step. Pick one thing to change and focus on that. I chose to start with removing sugar from my diet as it was the thing I was most dependent on and something I knew gave me no nutrition whatsoever. What will your first step be?
  2. Change your thinking. Have you noticed that when you ban yourself from having something it’s all you can think about?! Instead, try thinking “I can have this but I choose not to”. This way you’re not restricting yourself, you’re choosing something different, something healthier that can take you closer to your goal.
  3. Break old habits and form new ones. For instance if you always have a sugary biscuit with a cup of tea, don’t have that tea, or opt for a herbal one instead. Choose a different ‘treat’ like painting your nails or reading a book.
  4. Listen to your body. Make the connection between what you eat and your health. You can start really simply with this, for example when you’re tired in the evening go to bed, no matter what the time, as your body is telling you something! Then apply it to food; notice how you feel after eating certain foods, e.g. do you feel bloated, gassy or nauseous? These symptoms are telling you something. Listen!
  5. Be inspired to continue. As you learn what works for you by slowing down and listening to your body you will hopefully feel so much better. This will inspire you to continue. Take the next step: change something else.

If you follow these steps and you might find that you’ve tackled the whole staircase without even realising it!

Along the way you’ve created a more fertile soil, helping to prime your body for healthy conception.


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