Having the right tools for the job can make a huge difference to your cooking experience, for instance, when I finally invested in a decent knife slicing actually became a joy!


There are also some key things you should know about certain pieces of kitchen equipment and food storage items that may be impacting your fertility.


Here’s my list of kitchen essentials, along with an explanation of why some items are best avoided.


As mentioned above, it really does pay to have a decent knife as it will make food preparation so much easier. My favourite brand is Kin Knives, but you can also buy good quality knives on the high street.


Oven thermometer

This is essential until you get used to your own oven. Ovens are not always accurately calibrated, especially fan assisted ovens, which are hotter than conventional ovens and will therefore cook things faster. An oven thermometer allows you to know the exact temperature of your oven and may make all the difference to your baking. They hang or sit on the shelf, I usually place it in the oven before turning it on, then set the temperature and wait until the oven has reached temperature (usually the light will switch off). You can then read your thermometer and adjust your dial accordingly.


Stainless steel or cast iron pans

It is so important for your fertility (and general health) NOT to use non-stick pans (e.g. Teflon). Although convenient they may have a negative impact on your fertility. This is because non-stick pans contain poly-perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) which are toxic to cells and links have been made to hormonal changes, thyroid disruption and lower birth weights and size and reduced fertility. The best brand for cast iron cookware is Le Creuset, it’s expensive but will last you a lifetime.


Microplane zester

Great for grating ginger, fresh turmeric, cinnamon or chocolate and for zesting citrus.


Glass bowls and storage containers

Avoid plastic wherever possible. Glass bowls in various sizes are good for all sorts of things such as mixing, marinading, tossing salads, or coating veggies in herbs. You can buy glass storage containers relatively cheaply nowadays (IKEA), ideally work towards storing all your ingredients, leftovers, food for freezing and lunches in glass.

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